Zoom links have been emailed out to music parents by Mr. Galea and can also be found in the weekly Hillsdale Night Bulletin emailed out to parents. Or feel free to contact Laura at four.duncans@sbcglobal.net directly.



In Lieu of Concert Tickets

CONCERT DONATIONS - Our staff and music students have always worked hard to deliver high quality performances, and this year is no different. 

If you were fortunate to view the fall concert online, you will know that it is no longer just about rehearsing and performing music. Hours and hours of technical expertise are now required to produce a quality performance. 

Hillsdale Music is fortunate to have the assistance of renowned video/audio editor Mr. Scott Bell, a San Mateo native, Aragon alum and friend of our very own Mr. Galea. 

Mr. Bell has offered to work at a (very) discounted rate to help our music program in this capacity, and the Music Boosters are looking for parents' contributions to help fund this effort. 

Welcome Back! 

The Hillsdale Music Boosters welcome our students and families back to this most extraordinary school year.

Although we are virtual, we can still make music together! We are impressed with the resiliency of our students, and thankful for the leadership of our directors - James Yowell and Michael Galea.

The Music Boosters will continue to support, wherever possible, the needs of the music department. 
Recently, this included the purchase of SmartMusic® as an online learning platform for our teachers and students.

Because these times are ever-changing, we encourage music families to stay tuned to the announcements from Hillsdale Staff and Administration, and more specifically, our music teachers in regards to all things music-related.  They will be able to give you the latest information.

This website is maintained by parent volunteers. As much as we strive to keep it up to date, we are no substitute for official emails and announcements.

As always, thank you for your support and we hope you will join us in our mission. 

~ Hillsdale Music Boosters

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